Robot Vacuum Accessories, Random bounce and Programmable timers

By | August 22, 2017


robot vacuum Accessories

Different robot vacs have different types and amount of accessories but most of them are mainly replacement parts like spare batteries, side whiskers and filters. Some also have barriers which prevent the machine from entering some places.

These barriers exist as barrier strips and light barriers where the barrier strips are placed on the ground. The cliff sensor is triggered when it hits the strips, which forces it to reverse direction and not go over the strip.

Light barriers are not so common but are effective. They are placed in doorways and send light signals across. The robot vacuum’s navigational sensors detect these barriers and do not enter rooms or areas the barrier guards.

Random bounce

If you notice the Roomba, it tends to follow a random pattern while dusting your home. This is iRobot’s patent for cleaning where it uses a combination of two main patterns- ‘wall following’ where it moves around the room walls where it’s side mounted, flailing brush dusts corners, and ‘random bounce’ where it keeps cleaning and moves off to a random direction when it hits an obstacle.

Programmable timers

This is a useful feature in automated carpet sweepers as it lets you program specific days and times of the week for it to clean your home. It thus lets you program the machine to clean your home when you are away at work.


Automatic sweepers are generally quieter than their traditional counterparts. They however do emit an annoying high-pitched whistle, and some may also make a mechanical, grinding noise. You should not be bothered about the sounds if you program them to run when you are not at home, but the two sounds can get pretty annoying for neighbors and pets.