Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

By | August 18, 2017

You will choose the type of vacuum cleaner according to your needs. Each of the vacuum cleaner types has some characteristics that make it suitable for different cleaning tasks. Here are the most common types:

Upright Vacuums:

According to customer reviews, this is also the most popular type of vacuum cleaners for home use. They are ideal for larger carpet areas, but some models can be used for bare floors too. Uprights are easier to handle, but if you live in a  two-story residence, weight of some heavier models might become a problem. They usually have a wider cleaning path and are also easier to store than canister vacuums.  The cost of the bagless models is usually higher than traditional bagged ones. Downsides are that they are difficult getting under the furniture, and vacuuming stairs with this type are very complicated. Some models can be very, very noisy.

Canister Vacuums:

The cause of their shape and design, usually require a higher level of suction power than uprights. Tend to be lighter and quieter than upright vacuums. Great for bare floors ( wood, tiles, linoleum), and above floor vacuuming. They can reach under the furniture, and around furniture legs cause of their low profile. They are also great for stairs. All the best manufacturers offer canisters just as the upright type, so you will be able to choose from hundreds of models. Recently, their popularity increased with a comeback of bare floors in home design.

Stick Vacuums and Sweepers:

Lightweight upright vacuums with less suction power, and that makes them ideal for day-to-day cleaning of smaller areas. Recommended for bare floors and area rugs, not so much for carpets. You can easily clean less accessible areas with this type of vacuums.

Hand-Held Vacuums:

Used for small cleanup tasks, often together with upright vacuums. Can access hard to reach areas with ease. Great for car interiors, stairs and small spills. Some models are specially designed for taking care of pet hair or debris. Cord and cordless models available, latter one more expensive. Almost all recent models are bagless.

Robotic Vacuums:

The best robot vacuum cleaner runs on a battery that typically will last between 50 and 90 minutes depending on the brand you purchase. And if you want to get really space age, some are smart enough to know when the battery is running low, and will actually find the charger and connect itself automatically to recharge.

There are several big companies that make robot vacuum cleaners, and most of them are fairly similar. They are typically round and are operated either by programming the unit directly of through the use of a remote control. Some models are operated through the internet. If you’re at your favorite coffee shop with your laptop you can actually watch the vacuum on the net simply by using the built-in camera.

And it really doesn’t matter what floor surface you have. These vacuum cleaners are made to work on carpet, wood or tile. They’ll pick up not only the dust and pet hair but also clean up any spills also. If you have trouble getting your vacuum under the bed or other surfaces, it’s not a problem for these guys.

Vacuum Cleaner Types – Conclusion

These are the five major vacuum cleaner types. There are hundreds of models for each of these types. So, first pick the type of the vacuum you need, according to your cleaning habits, type of flooring, possible allergies and budget. Then it will be easier to you to browse through that jungle of models when you figure out exactly what you need.